About SilkRoad

In the past, trade and transportation were carried out by caravans. Advancing technology has changed and enhanced the logistics sector. Silk Road introduces a new dimension to international transportation by using state-of-the-art technologies, with its main mission being to establish logistic connections between the past and the future through the heritage of the historic Silk Road.

SilkRoad Logistics offers comprehensive support for import and export companies, providing fast, high-quality, and reliable transportation services, especially between Europe and nearby Asian locations, including turnkey project transportation, heavy cargo transportation, transit transportation, and container transportation.

SilkRoad Logistics is an international transportation services organizer that operates key turnkey transportation services with an active agency network that handles road, air, sea shipment, customs clearance, and insurance operations. Our company is a member of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations) and its Turkish representative, UTIKAD (International Transporters Association).

Our Mission

To become a world-class brand in the logistics sector by providing service quality and customer satisfaction at global standards.

Our Vission

To be an implementer of all kinds of developments and innovations in the logistics sector in transportation, warehousing, distribution, customs, and insurance.

Our Environmental Policy

Our company, which regards the environment as a vital and indispensable life philosophy, operates with environmental consciousness in all of its activities.